“An American Girl in Paris”
A biography of an American girl in Paris
Over 30 million records sold!
International Recording & Performing Artist.
Singer, actress, musician, writer in French, Spanish, & English


Jeane Manson was born in Cleveland Ohio then left the USA shortly thereafter with her show business father John Manson a writer and her mother Chris Stevens a singer and fine Art’s painter. They all moved with her younger sister Barbara Manson to Mexico City where they lived for 12 years 

Jeane’s passion began as a child, interested in the arts: music, drama, and dance. She studied piano and guitar from the age of 8 and on the family’s return to the US at age 13 Jeane went to drama school at MGM studios in California. She continued her voice and composition in college and later became a student at the Lee Strasberg Actors Studio. Early on in Hollywood, she starred in the Young Nurses directed by Roger Corman, followed by Dirty O’Neill and Terror Circus. 

In 1974 Jeane dared to pose for Playboy and was the “Playmate of the Month” in the August 1974 Playboy’s Magazine. That same month, Jeane left her home in California and flew to Europe with nothing but a guitar and one suitcase filled with music and drama books and arrived in Paris, France.

With a remarkable destiny in store for her, Jeane quickly acclimated to the French and European culture. In 1975 she starred in the movie “Bons Baisers de Hong Kong” with Mickey Rooney and then “The Acrobat” which received the best comedy of the year award. She played in “12 to Midnite” with Charles Bronson, “La Trace” with Richard Berry, “Corps Plongés” directed by Raoul Peck and “The Piano Player” with Dennis Hopper and Christopher Lambert.

Parallel to the cinema, she continued to write music and sing. She toured in 1974 with the French star, Sacha Distel. However, it was in 1976 where her big break came when she encountered the famous songwriter composer Jean Renard with whom she recorded her first 3 million-seller hit “Avant de nous dire adieu.” This hit song took her throughout the world (Latin America, Europe, Middle East, and China) and still does…… 

From then on music became her principal mode of entertainment. She has recorded more than 500 songs on 28 CD’s mostly with Sony Music. She received six gold single records, 2 gold album CD’s and one platinum, selling over 30 million copies in her now 35 year long career.

She has appeared and sung on TV with world-renowned artists such as Julio Iglesias, Kenny Loggins, Michael Jackson, Earth Wind and Fire, Sting, Joan Baez , Albert Hammond, as well as many French and European Stars.

Jeane’s concert tours have taken her throughout the world performing more than 5000 concerts.

Jeane performs in French, English, Spanish, with a repertoire in Pop, Country, Gospel, Latin, Classical Opera, & Jazz .Jeane has recorded, among the many CD’s, a French American country album called “Country Girl” in Nashville, including hits by Reba McIntire and other country stars, a popular Mexican CD with El Mariachi Mezcal, “Ay Caramba” remembering her life in Mexico City. She also had the privilege of recording 2 special classical albums in Moscow with the Red Army Choir including 130 men and a full symphonic orchestra and then following up their commercial release, she performed with them in over 100 cathedrals in France and Switzerland.

She recorded “Yobel,” a song for the World Youth Christian Festival in France and sang for Pope John Paul II when he gave mass in front of 200 thousand people. 

In the year 2000, Jeane recorded a Gospel album with the “Broadway’s Gospel Group” touring for 12 years throughout many of the 36,000 churches in France and filling every seat.

She also wrote a book “Prières d’Amour” (Prayers of Love) expressing her faith in God and Mankind. In 2006 Jeane celebrated her 30-year career in France! To commemorate the event, She produced a spectacular show at the famous Cirque d’Hiver, a 150-year-old Parisian circus, which included 65 musicians, dancers, acrobats and her dancing horses. Jeane is a professional cavalier, she owns her own pure breed Lusitanian horses on which she has performed singing and ridding in Saumur, the French Military Academy, and on a variety of race tracks and other equestrian festivals around the country. A DVD, “An American in Paris”, is now available on her website jeanemanson.com.

She also was rewarded by the French Government the National Order of Merit for her song “Hymne à la Vie” written by Francis Lai, the great French composer of “A Man and a Woman”, that dealt with the environmental causes and was rewarded for her career by the Minister of Culture with The Order of Arts and Letters. In May 2007 she sang at the election night of the French President Nicolas Sarkozy on the Champs Elysées in front of 50 thousand people. 

The theatre has also played a great role in Jeane’s life. In the 80’s she starred in Edouard Bourdet’s comedy “Le Sexe Faible,” also the Molière price winning “La Présidente” written by Jean Poiret and the musical “Man of la Mancha.” In the 90’s she starred in two operettas “Dédé” a revival from the days of Mistinguette & Maurice Chevalier and “The 3 Waltzes” by Oscar Straus for the Marseilles Opera. In 2004 she starred in a Vaudeville hit “Un Homme Parfait” in Paris with Guy Montagné and in 2007 the musical creation of “Sans Famille” composed by Jean-Claude Petit at the Nice Opera.

She played leading roles for television in the series “Le Clan”, “Talkie Walkie”, in the 250 episode soap opera “Riviera.” What makes her move to the rhythm that gives her such energy? It is the passion of giving the best of herself in the world of entertainment. She loves the public and they love her. 

2011 Jeane wrote her memoir “Une Americiane A Paris”, which is published by “Du Roche.” in France and she also released a triple CD, by Sony Music International.

 In a press release from Sony, Music they said, “Jeane Manson is no doubt the most popular American in our country”. 2012 In early Spring Jeane performed once again at “The Olympia” in Paris. She will be preforming several TV entertainment shows and then touring in France this year with “The Age Tendre Tete de Bois” with 13 other French stars performing 50 live shows to over 50,000 fans. Also during the Christmas season Jeane will be performing with her gospel group in the famous Cathedrals throughout France.

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Jeane continued to tour throughout France with “The Age Tendre Tete de Bois” show singing her many hit songs to 50,000 fans and also toured with her Gospel show in many Cathedrals in France. She then began recording her new Spanish/French CD “VIVIRE” to be released in 2014. 


Jeane released her new CD “Vivire” on Valentines’s Day with her hit song “ABRAZAME” . She then toured this summer throughout southern France with ‘The Sun Tour” to more then 80,000 fans who loved her new Spanish/French CD “VIVIRE”. http://youtu.be/waxYEt1sdlQ The journey continues…..stay tuned…… 


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