“Life is An Adventure in which all is possible if you have a Dream” - JM  Share


On a beautiful Sunday morning in the spring of 2013, I was upon my beautiful horse “Histinto” ridding to the church San Marti besides the medieval walls of my village town called Peralada, in Catalonia Spain (near the Dali Museum). The inhabitants were all waiting for the parade that brought 100 horses, men, women and children all dressed up in Spanish ridding gear for the annual festivity called: La “Cavalgada of Peralada” After riding through the narrow cobblestone streets and tasting wine and pastries’ along the way. Antonie my ecuyer for the day took my horse back to the stables. I picked up my guitar and headed to the town hall for the fiesta lunch. It was fun and pleasure to sing some Spanish songs to an audience who gave me ovations for more. After my short intervention, a young Flamenco guitarist Claudio Pot enchanted the audience and especially me. The music soared into my heart and put me into dream mode. I decided then and there to produce this album in Spanish, French and even in English. I had sung already many Spanish songs on different CD’s, and I loved the Latino melodies and romantic words that are so fantastic to sing. ”So why not enjoy and do what I liked to do instead of what the record companies wanted me to do,” I said to myself. I took on the challenge. A few months later in the summer, while on the road singing in the south of France I met with Pancho Abaldonato, who specialized in the Flamenco gypsy music that I love, he listened to my dream accepted to produce the album and I gave him the reins. A new adventure began. I was amazed how quickly I was able to find all the participants; the best studio in Spain “Musician” was only 15 minutes from my house, even Shakira records there. I foundthe guitarist Claudio Pot that I heard playing at the Cavalgada in the spring. Quickly I chose the songs that I loved listening to, along with 4 new compositions. I worked day and night trying to fit the puzzle together. Then Chris Gibson called “the Man of Soul” in Europe agreed to sing “Quizas “as a duo with me and introduced me to the top R+B producer in France Martial Kool. Later a young rapper Tony Gomez decided to come aboard with the song Vivire “I will Live “. On my Birthday Oct 1, I decided to spend my 1st day in the recording studio at Musiclan, what a great day it was. I new then that creativity was main goal in life, the insecurity of show business seemed to vanish. All I thought about was if I’m enjoying, others will also enjoy listening???? If not, well at least I tried to give my best. At the end of the year 2013, I had recorded 23 songs! I had traveled and worked in 5 studios from Paris to Marseille to Normandy to Canada to Spain and at the same time I was still on the road touring. A lot of work with my doubts, my fatigue my joy my pain my dreams of love and my voice that kept on going. I hope this album will bring people together to sing to dance to the beautiful sound and rhythm of Flamenco. I was on cloud nine creating this album now it’s up to you my friends and fan’s. Let music continue to reign in the hearts of people but don’t forget the artists who lives only with that dream. 

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2014 SUMMER TOUR: http://youtu.be/waxYEt1sdlQ

2013 SHOWS:

Jeane is staring and co host on the TV show Annee Bonheur with Patrick Sebastien which will air on June 8th 2013 on French channel 2.

The World Should
be Ours

2013: Jeane finishes her tour of 50 shows with thriteen French artists proforming to over 500,000 fans throughout Europe with “Age Tendre and Tete de Bois“. Also during the Christmas season Jeane performed her famous gospel show in Cathedrals throughout France. This spring Jeane begins recording her new CD called ”JEANE MANSON” An American in Paris..with Sony Music Records and then Jean be preparing a new show for America called “ JEANE MANSON” AN AMERICAN IN PAIRS, a musical show of her own remarkable story of an American Girl in her early 20′s who moved to Pairs in the 1974 with only a guitar & suitcase in hand and become a famous American recording star throughout Paris, France Switzerland, Belgium, as well as many other parts Europe and Asia. Her coming home tour in America. Jeane will be touring this summer through out France and Spain, Please contact for information on dates and venues. musicaltheatretalent@gmail.com

Jeane has also opened a gallery in Perelada Spain called “El Raco de Guadalupe” in the quaint village of Peralada. The store features her artist mother Chris Stevens (www.chrisartsong.com), her photographer brother John Marc Manson (www.jeanmarcmanson.com), as well as local artist, handmade jewelry, gifts and her own paintings. For more information please send an email to Musicaltheatretalent@gmail.com


Jeane perform at a commemoration to honor Thomas Jefferson the American president for his contribution during the 17th century to a small village in France, Jeane sang the “Star Spangle Banner” holding the American flag, proudly for her country.